New mobility technologies


Making travel better and safer, for people and goods, has always been one of our top priorities. That is why we design, build, and oversee the maintenance of advanced infomobility systems, with a special focus on developing the most recent telecommunications technologies being applied in the fields of transportation and driver assistance.


Our major areas of focus are:


  • Variable Message Traffic Signs (VMS) to provide information for road users;
  • Video surveillance (CCTV), automatic incident detection (AID) and traffic anomaly detection systems;
  • Electronic emergency response (SOS) systems;
  • Traffic detection and monitoring systems;
  • Single-frequency radio networks for traffic control services and police;
  • The complex management of motorway tunnels;
  • Tracking hazardous vehicles and goods;
  • Monitoring weather data and asphalt conditions.
Mobilità, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali
Mobilità, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali

We have, moreover, developed, a true interactive driving and coordination platform developed for the Operations Centres for Motorway Management and Control, which, thanks to a flexible and user-friendly interface, is able to collect and integrate the data arriving from the field (sensors, cameras, radars, etc.) with the information received from control, emergency response and maintenance personnel.


This makes it possible to establish a strong relationship between the processes of managing and maintaining the infrastructure, while precisely monitoring the various sections of the motorways and traffic events, and facilitating the planning and scheduling of operations on site.


All of these technologies, although currently applied chiefly in the roads and motorways sector, can be customised to meet the needs of other sectors as well, giving rise to integrated cutting-edge projects that are easy to manage and maintain.

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