Connected Mobility

Connect and manage road-side devices and equipment, supply a secure and reliable connection to public and private entities that operate on the road, manage the transmission of critical data to Traffic Control Canters, 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year! This is the challenge that Road Operators have to face to guarantee a safe, efficient and comfortable journey.

Since more than 20 years Sinelec is helping ASTM group motorway concessions to achieve this objective, designing, deploying and maintaining all the required network infrastructures such single-frequency radio network and broadband network.

Thanks to the experience and the knowledge we gained working with our concessions, we built a unique expertise in the field of telecommunication for transportation infrastructures and today we are one the few players that can really help customers to approach from end2end perspective a mission-critical connection project.

Besides, with our 2000Km state-of-the art fibre optic network we are also operating in the market as telco provider.

But we are already working to help road operators in managing the next connected mobility challenges: connect people and connect vehicle.

We have engineered and implemented an innovative and reliable wi-fi solution to provide a seamless connection in motion experience (up to 130+Km/h) and we are developing the future V2X platform (DSRC and LTE protocols) that will enable a total, effective and easy integration of new road-side devices and communication channel with the traditional Traffic Control Center.