C-ITS platform – V2I ready


EMERAS was developed to respond to the technological and operational challenges that operators will face during the transition to connected and cooperative mobility.

The creation of a system that supports a real-time bi-directional interconnection within the roadway environment represents a fundamental step towards the cooperative scenario: the immediate information exchange on events will optimize traffic flow, thereby reducing accidents, congestion, and polluting emissions.

In addition to enabling V2I communication and collecting data from ITS devices, the platform has a set of modules that allow operators to start-up and control the new C-ITS services, integrating them with their management processes. EMERAS can be used as a stand-alone solution with its own GUI or integrated with traditional traffic control centers using the DATEX protocol. It can be deployed either on premise or cloud, and thanks also to its micro-services architecture, EMERAS is widely scalable and ready to manage the expected increase of connected vehicles.

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