Wi-fi in motion service network


Our Wi-Fi in motion solution, based on Extreme’s technology, guarantees connectivity along high-speed roads like motorways. SxLINK, thanks to a seamless fast hand-over, allows a stable roaming without interruptions up to 130 km/h.

Through their mobile devices, users have access to the connectivity system offered by the infrastructure, that is independent from the coverage provided by third party network operators. It even performs in complex contexts (e.g. tunnels and escape routes) and complies with the strictest standards of cyber security.

SxLINK enables useful services for users and operators. Road operators can offer a stable connection even in areas where traditional coverage is problematic, ensuring continuity in the dissemination of information on real-time traffic conditions and in geo-marketing services (fuel prices, rest areas). By connecting to SxLINK, users can benefit from a connection on-the-go with no downtime for a safer and more satisfying travel experience.

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