Weight-In-Motion (WIM) systems represent a strategic application for monitoring and managing traffic and infrastructures. WIM stations, besides promptly identifying overweight vehicles, generate a series of data which – if properly processed – allow an in-depth knowledge of traffic flows and the development of proactive decision support systems.

LIBRA/S is SINELEC’s “end-to-end” solution, widely flexible modular and scalable, based on an architecture that can be configured according to the field of application and the required measurement accuracy. The platform integrates field elements of weighting stations and a multi-site central control system to remotely monitor operations and sites’ diagnostics status. The centralized console guarantees advanced management of stations and collected information: data are stored in a database for reporting, analytics and to create data-driven models.

Open to the integration of WIM solutions previously installed, LIBRA/S interfaces with the Operational Control Center (OCC) and with structural monitoring systems (SHM – Structural Health Monitoring) to optimize operational management, increase road safety and implement effective weight enforcement policies.

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