Tolling & Access Management

We have been working in toll collection market since over 20 years and today, thanks to the experience coming from our partnership with motorway concessionaires and to our technological know-how, we are recognised as one of the leading Italian companies in the sector.

We design, produce and install tolling lanes equipment, data acquisition systems, toll plaza control platforms, as well as information processing and reconciliation systems at a financial level.

About 900 toll collection lanes run on our solutions, processing about € 3 billion in economic transactions for over 200 million transits yearly.

The significant expertise acquired in the tolling sector has allowed us to expand our products portfolio and services to gate management and access control systems from logistics areas to car parks, with successful deployments for some important Italian companies and for the international event Milan Expo 2015, where our platform managed more than 10.000 parking spaces per day, from both an operational and commercial perspectives.