Multi lane free-flow


S*GATE is the next generation multi lane free-flow tolling solution, based on AI, 3D object tracking and machine learning technologies, aimed to guarantee the highest level of accuracy in vehicle detection and classification in any condition.

S*GATE’s innovation comes from the combination of AI and 3D vehicle tracking applied to real-time video streams analysis. The adoption of advanced gantry technology optimizes both performance and Total Cost of Ownership since S*GATE requires less field equipment that reduces procurement, installation and maintenance costs. Open to the integration with other devices, all overhead – without inroad sensors – , the system is natively designed for maintainability, thanks also to its simple configuration “plug&play” capabilities, or as we say in SINELEC “plug&toll”.

The modular architecture of the software, entirely based on Docker microservices, allows to model system functionalities in a simple and effective way. Moreover, S*GATE provides comprehensive reporting tools, where reports can be custom designed, according to the imprinting of immediacy and ease of use that features the entire system, whose complexity is effectively hidden by a user-friendly front-end.

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