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Technological evolution has given us access to possibilities that, until not very long ago, would have been unimaginable. These have improved operational capabilities and streamlined the management of the most diverse types of businesses. These are known as “smart solutions”: data processing, management and maintenance, accounting, and surveillance are today just a “click” (or a “tap”) away on your computer, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to be constantly connected and operational, in a variety of situations.


Our decades of experience researching and creating solutions suited to large-scale and highly complex projects have allowed us to accrue considerable know-how in the development of software and mobile applications capable of automating multiple types of processes and giving them “smart” management systems.

Telecomunicazioni, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali
Telecomunicazioni, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali

Our proprietary server farm


From the remote monitoring of cameras and security sensors to software of an administrative nature, from managing electronic payments to the most recent technologies involving the Internet of Things, our software house is capable of developing “tailored” applications for your business, taking care of every detail of design and creation.


Moreover, having our own proprietary and technologically state-of-the-art server farm at our disposal means that we can ensure maximum efficiency, control and security when performing calculations. In addition, our 24-hour help-desk service is available to promptly resolve any problem that might come up.

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