The motorways of communication


In Italy, it is the Toll Motorway Concessionary Companies that are responsible for independently managing all of the communications networks that make it possible for the various infrastructures to exchange data: real high-speed digital roads on which millions of pieces of information travel every day.


In order to ensure maximum efficiency and the security of these systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we manage over 2,000 kilometres of state-of-the-art fibre optic cable running along the principal lines of communication of Northern Italy, designing and creating new development and modernisation initiatives that will make it possible to increase the number of services available to companies and road users alike.

Telecomunicazioni, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali
Telecomunicazioni, Sinelec sistemi informativi per aziende e concessionarie autostradali



From designing the network architecture to managing calls for tender, from relationships with contractors to laying, bringing online, managing and maintaining the infrastructure: the know-how we have accrued over the course of important projects (geographic networks for the Turin-Milan, Turin-Piacenza, Sestri Levante-Livorno, Turin-Ivrea-Aosta, and Turin-Savona motorways, for the Turin Tangenziale and the Milan Tangenziale Est Esterna ring roads, and for the Direttissima Brescia-Bergamo-Milan expressway) allows us to design and build systems of any size using any technology, and not only major motorways. It is equally useful for large and small businesses operating in any number of sectors (for example: companies with multiple office locations, warehouses, hospitals, etc.)

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