What do we do

We provide solutions to meet the needs of today



Thanks to the know-how we have accrued over more than 25 years of experience working in the field of Information & Communication Technology, today we are able to offer hardware and software solutions and consultancy and support services to effectively meet the needs of large and small businesses alike.

From the initial needs analysis to the end operational solution, our Customers can always rely on a qualified Team, capable of working with them through every stage of each project, recommending a selection of the best available technologies, optimising their investments and providing constant personalised technical support.

Sinelec, mobilita, telecomunicazioni, esazione pedaggi, software house, it.
Our main areas of business
  • Outsourced data processing services
  • Design, creation and management of computer networks
  • Developing and supplying specialised applications for mobility, management and statistics systems, providing in-house and hosted service
  • Management of open, closed and interconnected motorway networks, from system engineering to the acquisition process, including data control and data processing
  • Development and implementation of infrastructures for video surveillance, electronic monitoring and emergency response
  • Toll management systems (hardware and software) for motorways, tunnels and bridges
  • Creation of single frequency radio networks, fibre-optic communications systems and copper backbones
  • Designing, building and maintaining traffic detection systems and information systems for road and motorway users

Thanks to a high degree of scalability and the ability to completely customise the technologies at our disposal, we can create “ad hoc” projects that provide the best solutions for various sectors: from transport via road, rail or sea to logistics management, from communications networks to energy.