• Implementation and management of motorway, railway and logistics systems
  • Design and creation of traffic detection and infomobility systems
  • Development and implementation of video surveillance, electronic monitoring and emergency response systems

Making travel better and safer, for people and goods, has always been one of our top priorities. That is why we design, build, and oversee the maintenance of advanced infomobility systems, with a special focus on developing the most recent telecommunications technologies being applied in the fields of transportation and driver assistance.


Pedaggi, Sinelec sistemi informativi per concessionarie autostradali e aziende in genere

  • Development and implementation of flexible toll collection systems suitable for multiple areas of application
  • Integration of the most cutting-edge technologies to create versatile and efficient platforms characterised by a high degree of operational reliability
  • Constant support and maintenance, thanks to a dedicated team that is always at our customers’ disposal

We use the best technologies to create modern infrastructures for monitoring, video surveillance and emergency response. The experience we have gained through the motorway infrastructure systems we manage allows us to create efficient and easy-to-implement solutions.


  • Development of specialised applications for mobility, management and statistics systems
  • The creation of “ad hoc” software for computers and mobile devices, suitable for meeting numerous needs
  • Supply of software applications, thanks to our partnerships with sector leaders

Our decades of experience researching and creating solutions suited to large-scale and highly complex projects have allowed us to accrue considerable know-how in the development of software and mobile applications capable of automating multiple types of processes and giving them “smart” management systems.


Sinelec, mobilita, telecomunicazioni, esazione pedaggi, software house, it.

  • Design, creation and management of computer networks
  • Creation of fibre-optic communications systems and copper backbones
  • Outsourced data processing and cloud storage services
  • Design and creation of single-frequency radio networks for public and private sector organisations

Thanks to the know-how we have accrued over more than 25 years of experience working in the field of Information & Communication Technology, today we are able to offer hardware and software solutions and consultancy and support services to effectively meet the needs of large and small businesses alike.


Our experience at your service. For over 25 year olds

2.000 km of optical fibers
Most Advanced Data Center
13 Operations Control Centers
300 Specialists At Your Service

To be competitive in a constantly changing world, it is important to choose the solutions that improve people’s work and lives every day.
Our goal is to make all of this possible.


presentazione sinelec 2018

Our company has been operating in the field of Information & Communications Technology for decades. Our qualified and dedicated team strives, day after day, to create innovative solutions to simplify the tasks of every day.


Since our inception, we have been working with large domestic and international companies, both public and private, helping them to achieve the most ambitious of goals while respecting the highest standards of quality and staying within agreed upon budgets and timeframes.


We work towards sustainable development, with the aim of optimising our performance, guaranteeing higher quality and improved safety for our partners and associates, and respecting the environment around us.

Working in Sinelec

Behind every great project there is always the work of extraordinary people: highly skilled men and women who, each day, work with passion and commitment to achieve the most ambitious of goals.