Toll collection

Innovative technologies for toll collection


One of our strategic sectors of operation is the study and implementation of new toll collection technologies. Thanks to several years of research and experimentation, we have developed an innovative digital ecosystem capable of satisfying the needs of the market and the requirements of European interoperability directives.


Our systems represent an important step forwards in comparison to the standards present on the market today. They combine the most recent equipment with the most advanced software to create versatile and scalable platforms, designed based on our Customers’ needs.


Specifically, the new architecture that we offer is structured around a few main points:


  • The use of industry standard technologies available on the market;
  • The migration of communication protocols from serial technology to the new IP network technology, with a consequent increase in transmission speed and in the efficiency and streamlining of control processes;
  • The replacement of proprietary controllers with equivalent non-proprietary controllers, built using open architecture and components available on the market;
  • The simplification of system configuration, remote management and technical monitoring, with the introduction of a centralised multifunctional control centre.
Pedaggi, Sinelec sistemi informativi per concessionarie autostradali e aziende in genere
Pedaggi, Sinelec sistemi informativi per concessionarie autostradali e aziende in genere

High degrees of efficiency


The use of multiple cutting-edge components (from the antennas to the controllers, from the cameras to the VoIP communications devices, from OCR number plate recognition devices to the detection of OBU devices in vehicles), all completely integrated with each other and with the central management system, allows for degrees of efficiency that, even in the most complex of situations, are on average higher than 95% (one of the highest standards on the market). They are also fully compliant with the European Standards in force.

However, we do not operate only on motorways. The versatility of our technologies allows us to design tailored manual and electronic payment systems and vehicle classification and tracking systems applicable across a wide and diverse variety of sectors.

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