Sinelec & Sports

Sinelec & Sports

ASTM invests in sport and believes in the values it represents, aware of the role that sport plays in training people, in particular young people, and developing the local communities where the Group operates.
SINELEC supports Derthona Basket, a well-established sports club in Tortona, Italy, where the Group has its headquarters. After embarking on an exciting growth path, starting with the 2021-22 season, Derthona will play in the Italian Serie A championship, representing excellence at the national level. The ability to play as a team, the spirit of sacrifice, the desire to compete and win, and respect for the rules are the principles shared by the ASTM Group and Derthona Basket.


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The Tortona Sports Citadel

The path of promoting the area is marked by our entrepreneurial approach. We invest in sport, people and the infrastructure dedicated to basketball and sports in general.
As part of this, the Tortona Sports Citadel is under construction, a structure that will house the new 5,000-seat sports hall, as well as multi-purpose sporting facilities and large green spaces.

Palazzetto dello Sport Tortona