Multifunctional gantries

Multifunctional gantries

The evolution of technology applied to mobility has introduced the Smart Road model, which involves the implementation of traffic and conditions detection systems on roads so that travellers can have real-time information about road conditions, traffic or other particular situations.

The ability to obtain information from the field and to be able to analyse, correlate and interpret it in real time is now ensured by the evolution of sensor technology and the ability to process large amounts of data, enabling the creation of predictive models for traffic management, maintenance and infrastructure design.

To this end, Sinelec has developed a system of multifunctional gantries, measurement and control points located at strategic positions on the road network to collect information.

The specific advantages of adopting multifunctional gantries in network management include:

  • the possibility of instant traffic, volume and speed analyses;
  • calculation of journey times and near-real-time information to users;
  • real-time tracking and control of Dangerous Goods;
  • the analysis of Heavy Goods Vehicles with dynamic weighing and misalignment assessments;
  • the analysis of risks related to the transit of ADR vehicles;

In addition, the availability of collected data allows the implementation of predictive models such as the assessment of structural risks for tunnels and viaducts and the prediction of road surface deterioration.