MEP technological installations

MEP technological installations

Sinelec develops and manages high-tech MEP mechanical and electrical systems for infrastructure, and civil and industrial construction, overseeing the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the advanced management of plumbing and electrical systems that optimise energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The latest design technologies and methodologies are employed through the use of specialised software, BIM (building information modelling) and state-of-the-art systems management tools (BMS, EMS and CMMS software), enabling highly customised solutions and maximising project effectiveness, while reducing costs and accelerating delivery times.

Sinelec contributes to the safeguarding and protection of the environment by researching and developing new techniques and solutions for the construction of power plants with photovoltaic technology, district heating and cogeneration plants, and energy management and monitoring. It also carries out energy efficiency projects on public lighting installations through PPPs (public-private partnerships).

Road infrastructure

Numerous projects have been carried out by Sinelec to create mechanical and electrical installations for the construction of roads, motorways, railways and bridges, in both Italy and abroad.


A leader in the creation of electrical and mechanical systems for the new construction or extension of hospitals, Sinelec adopts the highest standards envisaged in healthcare construction and indicated by sustainability protocols (e.g. LEED, BREAM, etc.).

Industrial, commercial and residential plant

Sinelec has gained extensive experience in the creation of electrical and mechanical systems for major logistics terminals, industrial buildings and shopping centres.

Switchboard division

Specialised in switchboard construction, Sinelec works with low voltage electrical switchboards, on-board switchboards, testing benches and test cells, as well as medium voltage distribution and/or transformation substations.
It also performs electrical maintenance of electrical distribution and automation switchboards, road and tunnel lighting systems, MV/LV transformation systems, generating units, utilities.

Ports and Airports

Over the years, many projects have been carried out in the naval and airport sectors, for example, the construction of special airside installations (e.g. AVL systems, BHS power supply), and the expansion of airport terminals.


One of Sinelec’s historical areas of activity is ordinary and extraordinary systems maintenance of the more than 1,400 km of motorway network managed in Italy by the ASTM Group, helping to keep the infrastructure running efficiently and safely.
In addition to mechanical, electric and fire prevention systems, Sinelec performs maintenance of special systems (variable message panels, SOS systems, TVCC video surveillance systems, weather control units, access control systems), as well as software maintenance and system maintenance of supervision and remote-control installations.
It also restores systems within commercial, industrial and hospital buildings.