ASTM approves 2023 results

ASTM approves 2023 results

ASTM Holding Company approves the Annual Report, Consolidated Financial Statements and Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS) for the year 2023.

The results strengthen the Group’s global leadership in concessions and major infrastructure works. In particular, economic indicators show strong growth with total revenues over 4 billion euros, an EBITDA of about 1.9 billion, and a net profit of 188 million. They also highlight the Group’s constant commitment to the modernization of the motorway network with investments of about 830 million euros in Italy and 640 million in Brazil. In the EPC sector, the backlog grows, reaching 6.9 billion euros thanks to new projects acquired in Italy, United States and Brazil.

The Group’s commitment to sustainability continues with an estimated total economic contribution (direct, indirect and related) generated of over 13 billion euros, with an employment impact along the value chain of over 120 thousand workers.

Umberto Tosoni, CEO of the ASTM Group, commented, “We are satisfied by the results achieved, which confirm the solidity of our integrated business model. Significant progress has been made in executing our internationalization plan in Brazil and U.S., our core geographies”.

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