New article on the tolling project carried out in Brazil

New article on the tolling project carried out in Brazil

The joint project of Sinelec, EcoRodovias and Ecopistas featured in the July issue of Le Strade, Italian most authoritative technical information magazine focused on transportation infrastructure, dedicated to Italian roads in the world.

Sinelec has developed a solution for Brazil based on S*GATE, the product for “open road” toll collection. Multi-lane free flow (MLFF) systems, also known as Open Road Tolling (ORT) in the US, are systems designed to charge vehicles passing without direct impact on traffic flow. Drivers, therefore, do not need to stop, slow down or be channeled. S*GATE, through the combined use of AI and 3D vehicle tracking applied to real-time analysis of video streams, guarantees the highest level of accuracy and detection regardless of environmental factors. Furthermore, a responsive web application will enable registered users to access the Toll Collection System Host interface from anywhere and with any type of device, where they can view the data, as well as a series of reports for KPI verification.

By taking advantage of the flexibility and modularity of the solution, it was possible to adapt it to the specific needs of the Brazilian motorway system, where the vehicle classification system is essentially based on the number of axles.

Sinelec, EcoRodovias and Ecopistas then built and placed an experimental portal to test the technical feasibility of the choices, the performance of the individual devices, given the high speed, variable traffic conditions and weather. The site identified for the trial is located in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, on the Ayrton Senna motorway, close to the Itaquaquecetuba toll barrier. That location will allow the results to be compared with those recorded by the reference barrier, which is based on traditional channeled toll collection mechanisms.

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