Sinelec protagonist at the 2022 Urban Mobility Conference

Sinelec protagonist at the 2022 Urban Mobility Conference

Sinelec will speak on April 7th at the Urban Mobility Conference that will focus on the development of the new paradigm of road mobility: high-tech, user-friendly, sustainable and above all safe.

The development of smart mobility is closely linked to the evolution of the existing road asset and its management, made more intelligent than ever thanks to the structured use of information derived from data collection, aggregated and integrated, which will ensure a more advanced management of traffic and infrastructure itself. All elements of the road ecosystem will be connected to each other, intelligent transport systems will become cooperative, and the exchange of vehicle-infrastructure information will become a key tool to reduce accidents on urban and extra-urban roads. Eventually, the user will be able to be continuously updated with information describing traffic in real time, even when switching between urban and non-urban environments.

One of the enabling requirements for the creation of a cooperative scenario is connectivity, made possible through Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS). In the short term, C-ITS will enable optimized traffic management, thus reducing accidents, congestion and pollutant emissions and, in the long term, will facilitate the introduction of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

Sinelec and Volkswagen Group Italia have combined their expertise for the development of technologies to support connected mobility. The result of this collaboration will be the focus of Pietro Contegno, Head of Research and Product Development of Sinelec, speech at the Urban Mobility Conference. Mr. Contegno will tell how Volkswagen and Sinelec, the technological arm of ASTM Group, have tested the direct dialogue vehicle – infrastructure in open traffic conditions, characterized by a dynamic communication based on real events and space-time control rules.

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