Sinelec to implement Smart Road systems and dynamic monitoring of bridges and viaducts on A24 and A25

Sinelec to implement Smart Road systems and dynamic monitoring of bridges and viaducts on A24 and A25

Sinelec was awarded in joint venture the tender for the design and implementation of Smart Road systems and dynamic monitoring on the A24 Rome-L’Aquila and A25 Torano-Pescara motorways. The value of the framework agreement, promoted by the Special Commissioner for the upgrading and anti-seismic safety of the A24 and A25 motorways, is about 200 million euros.

The joint venture led by Sinelec includes Itinera and Euroimpianti, respectively the construction and plant engineering companies of the ASTM Group, and PSC and Alpitel, with the project to be designed by RINA Consulting, PROGER, SINA (ASTM Group) and Carlorattiassociati.

The planned interventions, which will take place along the 280 km of motorways connecting Lazio with Abruzzo, will:

  • increase the safety level of the infrastructure;
  • increase interaction with road users;
  • monitor the reaction of the structures to degradation phenomena that contribute to a reduction in the resistance and resilience of the works;
  • implement eco-sustainable systems for power generation from renewable sources and for rapidly charging electric vehicles.


The technological innovation that Sinelec will implement concerns three main areas of intervention:

  1. Smart Road Systems

Smart road systems include telecommunication facilities supporting connected mobility, systems for traffic and environmental monitoring, as well as systems to control and process the collected data. These will include, for example, smart cameras for automatic accident detection, dynamic truck weighing systems, and technologies to enable vehicle-infrastructure communication.

  1. Green Islands

Green Islands are multi-functional areas intended for clean energy generation and storage. These hubs will also house rapid electric charging stations for motor vehicles and drone charging and landing/takeoff areas.  A total of 14 Green Islands are planned along the entire development of the A24-A25 motorways.

  1. Monitoring Systems

The infrastructure monitoring system will cover 170 bridges and viaducts with a total of 836 spans that will be monitored overall through dynamic and static systems. These systems will enable the evaluation of the natural aging process of artworks and thus plan interventions in the most efficacious manner.