Sinelec’s multi-lane free-flow technology lands in Brazil

La tecnologia Sinelec per il multi-lane free-flow sbarca in Brasile

Sinelec’s multi-lane free-flow technology lands in Brazil

Sinelec strengthens its presence in South America, thanks to the project carried out in collaboration with Ecorodovias and Ecopistas. The three companies belong to the ASTM Group: Sinelec is its technological arm, Ecorodovias is its concession platform in Brazil, and Ecopistas is the concession within which the project is being developed.

Sinelec, Ecorodovias and Ecopistas have deployed the construction of Brazil’s first multi-lane free-flow system, relying on S*GATE, an “open road” collection solution developed by Sinelec in Italy. S*GATE, through the combined use of AI and 3D vehicle tracking applied to real-time video analysis of streams, ensures the highest level of accuracy and detection regardless of environmental factors. In addition, through a responsive web application, enabled users can access from anywhere and with any type of device, the Toll Collection System Host interface that allows them to view data, as well as a series of reports for KPI verification.

Leveraging the flexibility and modularity of the solution Sinelec adapted it to the specific needs of the country’s motorway system. The specific nature of the initiative can be traced back to the local classification system, which is essentially based on the number of axles on a vehicle. For example, unlike in most European countries, in Brazil, the vehicle outline is only identified to differentiate certain types of trucks from buses, in addition to that the system can register the suspended axes.

The project included the installation of a new portal at the Itaquaquecetuba, in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, the most important financial and industrial center of Latin America. The collection of data will allow to compare the performance of the free-flow system with that of a traditional system, defining a series of KPIs that were shared with ARTESP, the Transport Agency for the state of São Paulo. The test phase is still ongoing, but the upcoming results are very encouraging, providing important benefits for public authorities and the companies involved.