Technology and sustainability for Anas’ Smart Road Program. Sinelec among the technology partners

Technology and sustainability for Anas’ Smart Road Program. Sinelec among the technology partners

The digital transformation of transport infrastructures is underway, aiming at a new smart and interconnected system: vehicles, roads networks and operations control centers will exchange real-time information to provide safer and more pleasant travel experiences, with improved traffic management and, consequently, reduced congestion and pollutant emissions.

The evolution of road networks is implemented by innovative digitalization projects such as Anas’ “Smart Road”, one of the European leading initiatives in this field.

The Smart Road program, which will be developed in several phases for a total investment of €1 billion, is now in its first step, involving some of Italy’s most important strategic corridors. At this phase, Sinelec is involved in the Anas program on the A90 “Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma”, A91 “Autostrada Roma-Aeroporto di Fiumicino” and A2 “Autostrada del Mediterraneo”.

For the realization of the technological infrastructure and the implementation of intelligent systems, Sinelec, in collaboration with Anas, carried out the civil works required for the data transport networks, creating a 100Gbit/s backbone to connect the crucial junctions of the Smart Roads and the 10Gbit/s segment networks to connect the intelligent systems. Sinelec also constructed the power networks and wireless infrastructure for I2X (Infrastructure-to-everything) communication (which effectively enables the infrastructure to communicate with other elements of the road ecosystem), based on co-presence and simultaneity of ITS-G5 and Cellular V2X technologies. Our contribution to the Smart Road project also included an innovative road monitoring system where multifunctional cameras installed on special technological poles coexist to detect traffic flows and anomalies, accidents and weather conditions. Finally, Sinelec was involved in the implementation of Local and Remote Control Centers to monitor and manage the field equipment and all the intelligent systems implemented.

The imprinting of the Anas’ Smart Road program is not only highly technological but also green: the energy sustainability of the initiative will be guaranteed through special areas called “Green Island” for the generation of electricity from renewable sources, which can be used to power the infrastructure itself and to encourage the use of electric vehicles. The innovative nature and environmental awareness of the Smart Road program are also key elements of the vision of Sinelec, which has been involved for over 20 years in the development of technological solutions for the advanced management of traffic and transport infrastructure.