WIM for smarter traffic management: Sinelec on Traffic Technology International

WIM per una gestione smart del traffico: SINELEC su Traffic Technology International

WIM for smarter traffic management: Sinelec on Traffic Technology International

Heavy vehicles traffic on roads, which has recently grown to record levels due the pandemic, can have many negative consequences. In addition to reducing the life expectancy of infrastructure by causing the degradation of pavements, bridges and viaducts, it also has deep impact on pollution. That’s why Weigh in Motion (WIM) technology is of growing importance to modern sustainable road management.

In addition to that these devices become an enabling tool, if properly interpreted, for the collection of information relating to traffic flows the enforcement activities and, finally, the applications related to the logistic sector.

SINELEC WIM solutiom, LIBRA/S, integrates field elements of weighting stations and provides a central multi-site control system that aggregates data from multiple stations and through which the operator can remotely monitor the operation and diagnostics status of multiple stations. LIBRA/S also provides a central database where all the information collected in the field is logged and a reporting/analytics system to develop data-driven models and create proactive decision support systems, applicable in the areas of infrastructure management, logistics and access management of ports and intermodal terminals.

Find out more on the May/June 2022 issue of Traffic Technology International, p.56